Keys to healing


In any situation for any problem, take up a keyword in the situation. For example, let us take the keyword UNCERTAINTY. Your mind should get to that state of mind.

Some people are financially insecure by which they are unstable. Some people want to get married; they are not getting married, so that they feel unstable. Some people may have a back pain, thinking where is my place in the family? That is also insecurity.

Others feel uncertainty about position in the family or in the office.  Anytime in your life you would have felt that, either in the office, with friends or as far as finance is concerned, you would have felt unstable.

The uncertainty of the present is related to uncertainty in the past. In the last 40 years, when did you feel uncertain? You would have felt unstable many times.

Think about that. It would have been almost the same situation or a different situation with the same feeling – feeling uncertain. Think whether your mother had the uncertainty.

Those days the feeling uncertainty would be revealed only in the form of anger. They always express through anger and beat the children. They can’t go out. They can’t divorce either. The women’s life about 50-60 years back was hell and horrible.

Now do the same for the memories of father’s uncertainty.

In any situation there will be a predominate state of mind – is the keyword. Check when you had similar feeling in the past. List them out.

If possible check out with your mother’s behavior and feeling – when they felt uncertain. It will match yours. Do the same for your father. Your father would have felt uncertain in his job.

Put all of them in the triangle and heal them.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran Sir

    Im also going through same feelings as mentioned in the article at my home & office. But my mother & father are leading a very happy married life & so my younger sister. Both got independecy & life as per their choice after marriage. Both got gud husbands making life enjoyable. But its not with me. Im suffering every min after marriage.My husband does not understand me my inlaws dont like me from the very first day of my marriage. How can i do my healing…..past & ancestors

  2. thank you sir for wonderful article…..what about your grandparents…you can heal them too v..I think so..

    • M I will try doing this past life healing for both parents n grand parents though I know nothing abt their life. Pls confirm how long I’ve to do this so that my past bad karmas r released

  3. Also Wat affirmations shall I use

  4. v,
    i think you can then draw traditional reiki symbols…
    and abt can decide…
    now don’t have doubts/questions and start doing it.

  5. M I did this today it took only 2-3 mins but I didnt feel anything. Am I doing correct

  6. sir,

    With your blessings and guidance, i got remarried on oct 2013. I don’t know how to thank you. Its a miracle for my family to get remarried after 13 yrs of long gap .
    i had attended your workshop in Delhi on 7th july 2013 . i wish to know how can i use cards and karma healing to conceive and give birth to a healthy child to enjoy my motherhood, grow him as boon child for the world and complete my biological cycle .

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