Help Each Other

HELP each other!!!

It is informed by the web admin that the comments will not be replied by Naran.Your comment can be answered by anyone who browses the pages of this site.

People who want to comment or reply a question should give their comment, based on Naran’s Healing methods only. They can reply using his other replies and his blog postings. His pages and his site can be cited further to enhance the credibility of the reply.

The comments of those who

  • Give their own solution
  • Refer other sites
  • Who cites others’ techniques

Will not be published and they will be sent to Trash.

Thus, it can be a discussion forum on Naran’s healing spread over 700 pages (not including comments).Any explanation or any further elucidation will be given by Naran.His reply or explanation is his choice.Do not send reminders.

All the doubts either about the products or methods will be cleared by Naran.

Blog-related comments can be put under the blog itself, while other questions can be posted in the ‘Ask Naran’ pages, which would be hereafter would be called as ‘HELP each other


PS: When your comment has reference of more than one link, then it will go for moderation and so will not appear until it is approved. Please wait until then.

  1. i had been sexually abused when i was a child. now i am married and this is casing harm to our bedroom relationship. the person who abused me is now dead. please guide me how to do healing so that i can get over this and have a good married relationship?
    thanking you loads for the great help and support.

  2. Sir ,
    I have a great muscle tension or spasm in neck and whole head.i Am in a great trouble.pleas give me remedy.

  3. geetika jain

    Hi Naran i seek your help pls suggest where can i share my problem

  4. I am a single yet. Please help me to find a a life partner. I have been told a switch word processor works out miracles. Should I practice one. Is MIMULUS the right word. How do I practice it .

    Thanks and Gratitude’s

    Sanjay Chauhan

  5. hello , i need help from you for switch words how to i go about pl let me know

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