Marriage Affairs

You are not married

If you are not married means, find out at that age, what was the marriage status of your mother heal that.

A person is unmarried until the age of thirty, but her mother had married at the age of twenty.

Still, you need to do the healing for your mother the time before her marriage. Likewise, do for your grandmother, or father’s mother.

One of your ancestors would have been in similar situation.

Or your mother would have felt after marriage, ‘I wish I am not married. I have to go through hell. At least my daughter shouldn’t go through this’. She would have been thinking so and thus influencing your marriage status.

We don’t know what happened. So we need to go deeper into the relationship aspect and find out.

Initially, you will find it difficult to find out. Eventually, you will be able to find the link.

Living together, but mentally separated

If mentally a couple is separated, then the following things will happen in the body:

  • In the lower back herniated disk will come
  • Disk prolapse
  • Utter prolapse
  • Some organ will deviate and get down from the position like Hernia

Even if they don’t say, you will find out.

Ok I will accept whatever you say.

Outwardly they might say many positive things. But, internally they might be feeling different. That’s why we are healing the parents.

My relation with my spouse is not alright means then my parent’s relationship with each other is not good. So heal their relationship and make it whole and complete.

Then when your children get married, they will marry to a nice spouse.

Therefore, heal the relationship between your parents.

One way you do service them.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Ujwwal Parekh

    Thnk you ! Gratitude

  2. Sir!
    i am seeing this happen .my maternal grandparents were never good-my grandfather was always abusing his wife-he would treat her like a piece of shit!! in my parents also their marital life was miserable-i got married but till now there is no harmony in my life-i am feeling it is passed down from maternal side.How do i rectify?
    please advice.i want to not have the same type of life.

  3. alamelu,
    if you have learnt reiki, do the past life healing. if you have not, learn now.
    and then use naran’s past life healing.
    what can you do for harmony? do that.

    • Sir!
      I only attuned for level 1 reiki,not i can get harmony-when my mind is always not at rest.Any other remedy-bach/animal spirits inn the meanwhile?

  4. Respected Sir,
    I have been married for seven years and still there is no proper understanding between us. Mine was love marriage and the marriage happened in early 30. My parents have a good relatiionship but my father in law and MIL were never happy with each other. they used to constantly argue and my FIL never treatd my MIL properly even she would always argue with him. now my FIL is no more and whenver my MIL comes to stay with us harmony between my husband and me is never there. Do we need to do past life healing

  5. anuiyer,
    the past healing can be done by anybody

  6. sir,
    I’m 38 yrs i got separated from my husband at the age of 26 due to there greedy nature.
    we are not able to find a suitable match .I’m following reiki,reiki wish box & zonar karma healing from last four months to get remarried.
    But my mind is filled with anger, hatred because of rejections and behaviour of my loved and closed one. As if they don”t want me to settle down.
    Earlier i was loving , compassionate & helping person.but now anger and hate have taken place.I often curse now, even to god .
    Please help
    Can mantra “AMBIKA ANADHINIDHANA ASWAROODA APARAJITHA” hep me . How many times and for how many days ?

  7. lakshmi
    you are responsible for your state of mind. No animal or plant changes its nature.
    We human beings change every day, because of the outside events, putting the blame on others including god. Think for a while. question why these thoughts about them harass me? if these thoughts, judgment are not there will i not regain my love and compassion ?
    It is a paradox that the whole world of humanity want love and compassion on their terms.
    When we have conditions , when we are conditioned by others, we cannot get what we want. – love and affection.
    If anger prevents me from giving love, why should i have it? When one wants love by being in a state of anger and resentment one cannot get. Love is there always. But it is hidden by our own mind. Try to generate, radiate and experience love even in the surroundings where you are neglected. Cultivate, by chanting TOGETHER BE REACH DIVINE LOVE

  8. Thanks sir, reading your blogs and trying to reform myself . Its more than a decade , i’m lonely and with time lost all my hopes .
    I’m chanting “I’M SORRY ,PLEASE FORGIVE ME , LOVE THANKS DIVINE ” to my wish box to get married to suitable guy . how can i unite both switch words. I tried
    Pls suggest.
    Bless me, i need lot of divine blessing.

  9. Dear Naran, Hopefully this is not always the case. I have seen instances where the parents have a terrible relationship (separation / divorce / extortion) but the children’s relationships and marriages are fine. How does this come to be? There is too much resistance on my part to heal my parents but I do want to resolve my relationship issues. If this is the only way. Let me know. Thank you!

    • Grace,
      This is the finest opportunity to heal the parents. Past healing is a good route to make the life of the parents whole and complete. That is the gift that he can give to his parents, so that at least in their next life, they lead a happy life.

      In this case, One (born to those who are divorced, but is happily married) may not repeat the parents’ life, but that of any ancestor’s good marital life.

      By healing the parents’ life of discord, one does a good to one’s future generation.
      Life does not start with us nor ends with us.
      It is an ongoing journey of a soul through generations.

  10. how to heal guruji my mother to get married.what technique should be used or mantras to heal my mother.pls tell me guruji

  11. Kaverri chaurasia

    Hi naran sir

    I love one guy he is south india he send me marriage proposal on 5th Dec 2018 and I accepted it our relationship is now broken but I am unable to forget him I truly love him but he always hesitate to commit for marriage we talk very less and in a day hardly he msg on 12 may 2019 we last msg eachother with ugly fight many times he fight but after sometime we talk to eachother but now we are not talking I love him truely what can I do to make him realise that I am perfect for him please help we both r 38 yrs old please guide naran sir

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