Healing – daily workout


When I am on road most of the time, how I am going to do the Triangle based healing. There are so many issues, and so many problems to handle.


No issues! Just make an intention that the Silver Triangle has to be next to you for the next three to four hours. During this time, whatever that goes through your mind in terms of worries, fears, anger, etc., just put them all into the triangle.

Once you reach home or where ever you could spend 20 minutes, just put the Reiki Past Life Healing CD, follow the instructions as per the CD and do the healing.

You may release the Silver Triangle once done.


I guess I will do this every day to heal all the issues that occurred during the day, and the past memories that are related to those events.


That’s a good idea. This way you don’t create any new karma.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. is past life healing available at the centre? is it necessary to know reiki to use cd?


    • Based on Grace experience, I would say go for it. Buy the CD and try it. Because it contains affirmation, I think it will work. Of course, this is my opinion.

      How long you will you post-pone learning Reiki?

      • Yes R Mohan,I want to do really…but I m postponing for one or another reason….

        • I sensed it…

          Whenever something is really good for us – that which will change our lives forever, then the resistance inside us will not let us go outside our comfort zone.

          I release the part in me that postpones learning Reiki.
          I activate the part in me that organizes a Reiki class for me.

  2. sir,
    can we do the past life healing with the help of the past life healing cd. does it has all the instructions to follow easily? i have not learnt reiki.

    • It has the instructions.

      There are no short-cuts to life. Please learn Reiki – the one thing you will always feel good for.

      Combined with Past-Life-Healing it is the best tool available for us to handle the complications of the modern world.

  3. Greetings! I have learnt reiki and am practicing the techniques of past life healing. When I have do it on some one else or instruct who has not learnt reiki, how should one do the healing. I remember that naran ji said in a dialog I had to do it for some one who did not know reiki. KIndly elaborate as to how this can be done.

  4. Hi Mohan,

    Need your help to tell me which is the CD for past life healing?

    Thanks Divine.


  5. Can somebody without knowing reiki still do healing the past with silver triangle? I have lots of past, mine, my parents, aunts, sister whose unhappiness seems to be affecting my life also. Can i do something to heal all that and release it all and correct my present?

  6. I really Like these technique.
    I release part of me..
    I open and allign the part of me…….
    How we can use if for weight issues…?

  7. Sir!
    Due to severe stress, my health has taken a beating,i am unable to even pray or do reiki because my mind is alwyas stressed.Please suggest s remedy to align my mind towards working for the better of me rather than the worst of me.

    • Affirm as many times as you can,
      “I release that part me that makes me feel stressful and unhealthy”.
      “I open and align with the part that keeps me TOGETHER BE in DIVINE ORDER”

  8. sir ..what is silver triangle method…..how can i learn it correspondently…as i live away from chennai…if yes plz mention the manual or CD which i can order from centre to learn this.
    i’m a reiki channel attuned upto III-A degree and karuna reiki (but not from Naran sir)
    thanks a lot.

  9. Can we buy the cd online? Could u please upload the CD & Manual for the persons staying outside India. Waiting to get benefited by it. I’m sure it is gonna bring positive change. Thank you.

  10. I was inspired and motivated to lean Reiki when I came to know about “Reiki Past Life Healing ” through this divine blog.
    Now, I m attuned to Reiki Level 1 and my teacher told me to practice it for 21 days.,that I am doing.After that she will teach me Reiki Level 2 and 3.
    Can I buy Reki past life healing cd.?

  11. m
    practise reiki for 6 months. enjoy its healing potential and then go the cd

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