Because of my karma, I am single


Switch words to reduce your karma

You think because of your karma you are not able to attract a good life partner. How can you handle it?

To get a good Life partner, chant the switch words, “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE life partner HOLE

This way, by finding and applying the solution for every problem that we think is happening due of your karma, we can reduce the same.

However, the solution might be in the form of Switch words, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies etc.


I surrender: CONCEDE

Let there be a light: CLEAR

To go to the beginning of the problem – whether it is due to karma or not: CENTRE. Light travels to the beginning of the problem, to resolve it.

FIND the winner. Win the hands of life partner miraculously by divine.

HOLE is to attract. Wherever there is a hole, we have inquisitiveness. Hole will attract. It will increase your attractive properties.

Improve relationship with your parents


Heal your relationships with your parents. It is very important. For your life outside, your life inside the house should be harmonious.

Right from the time beginning, you might not been thinking in line with your parents. Your views could be different from them. What did they say about you – something that they didn’t like about you?

When you heal your relationship with your parents – either with mother or father, doing separately, making it whole and complete, your relationships with your children will improve too.

Therefore, it is most important.

How did we react to them?

Whatever opinions you had about them, convert them into light and love. We need not worry about their opinions here.

Thank them a lot for whatever they had done to you. Thank them profusely.

Only because you had born to them, you have entered into the world of healing. Therefore, do the healing of your relationship with your parents first.

Faith can RELEASE Mountains


I want to report that the silver triangle technique is working wonders in my life.

Resentments and patterns are changing more and more every day. Many of the painful thoughts I used to have are just gone.

My relationship with my parents is better and I can see more clearly what other steps to take in correcting some of the other unwanted aspects of my life.

I have felt guided to do more forgiveness and cut more cords (I have Naran’s CD).

I encourage everyone to try to imagine the triangle as Naran has asked.

It’s been my experience that you do not need to know how…you just need to try it as Naran has guided. Also trust yourself to do it completely…do not try it in a half-hearted way.

I want to point out I have no training in such things. Just FAITH!!!

Teachers are same


A lady in one of the “Change Your Karma” class described about her son, who was insulted by his teacher. He complains about her every day.

After the class, she realized she had similar experience at the same age. She said that her son is repeating her.

I told her to do the following:

  • Go back and heal all your past.
  • Release all those experiences into the silver triangle, along with other experiences you had during your schooling.
  • In addition, heal your pregnancy period, when you were carrying your son, who is facing problems now.
  • Release memories of pregnancy – during the nine months, whatever happened to you, your emotions, and your conflict with your husband and in-laws, put everything into the triangle.
  • Totally heal the pregnancy period – each pregnancy separately, will be helpful to your children – both son and the daughter, a great deal. During each pregnancy you would have undergone different emotions.

We only repeat. We only repeat. No need to have a doubt. We don’t create anything new. Still future does not exist. We are only repeating the past. We are not creating future as we don’t have any other reference other than the past.

Healing is necessary

…irrespective of how well you do in this lifetime…!!!


Referring the blog, “Marriage Affairs”:

Hopefully this is not always the case.

I have seen instances where the parents have a terrible relationship (separation / divorce / extortion) but the children’s relationships and marriages are fine.

How does this come to be?

There is too much resistance on my part to heal my parents but I do want to resolve my relationship issues.

If this is the only way, let me know.

Thank you!


This is the finest opportunity to heal the parents.

Past healing is a good route to make the life of the parents whole and complete. That is the gift that we can give to our parents, so that at least in their next life, they lead a happy life.

In this case, one (born to those who are divorced, but is happily married) may not repeat the parents’ life, but that of any ancestor’s good marital life.

By healing the parents’ life of discord, one does a good to one’s future generation.

Life does not start with us nor ends with us.It is an ongoing journey of a soul through generations.

Please check out! There is an upcoming Reiki Past-Life Healing Workshop:

Throw the Silk Shawl in the Fire

A Story

Appayya Dikshitar was doing the sacred fire ritual on behalf of a Chola King.

The King in appreciation for the Homam (fire ritual) done by the priest, gave the latter a Silk Shawl.

While offering Ghee, and other stuff to the sacred fire as part of the ritual, the Dikshitar offered the silk shawl too.

Hearing about this, the King got enraged and went to the temple to meet the Dikshitar. There he found the silk shawl was adorning the main idol of the temple.

When the Dikshitar was quizzed about this he said, “You sincerely offered the shawl to me. I too offered it to the god with sincerity. For the same reasons, the god has accepted our offerings in full. This is the significance of the incident”.

Offer Everything to the Silver Triangle

Let us offer everything to the Silver Triangle as it is nothing but the Homa Kundam, where we offer our memories in the form of fears, desires, expectations, frustrations etc.

By this act of surrendering we achieve what we want.

Surrendering – Why and How?

When you are obsessed with worry and fear you are breaking the quantum rules. Your fear will manifest the one which you don’t want, instead of getting what you want.

Desire something. Quieten your mind, relax and release it to the divine field.

Approaching anything with the calm and relaxed mind has got better chance of getting what we want.

That is where the surrendering attitude enters. By surrendering the desire to the divine field, you accept what the divine offers. Surrendering makes you think that whatever divine offer is good for me.

Know that you cannot change anything with your will. To make things happen your will and divine will should unite.

The link is the surrendering attitude.

Surrendering is Samarpanam. Samarpanam is keeping all our words, prayers and actions at the feet of Divine with the intention to accept whatever he offers.

Remove your karma

What is the karma that has made me take this birth? Let us see how to put it in the triangle.

Any of our memories unaligned i.e., not aligned with the divine light I will say as non-divine.

Anything that is non-divine we will put it in the silver triangle.

I release all the unaligned memories acquired from my three previous births, and unaligned memories of my parents and ancestors that have caused my birth into this silver triangle.

I draw the Reiki symbols – both traditional and Karuna Reiki symbols.

I affirm the following now:

  • “Reiki Flow into the silver triangle”
  • “Heal and transform all the unaligned non-divine memory frequencies of my past life, unaligned non-divine memory frequencies of my parents and ancestors into Reiki frequency of light and love”.
  • “Transform them into Reiki frequency of Light and Love”.
  • “Make them whole and complete”.
  • “Now, every memory frequency of my past life is healed and has been made whole and complete.

This is the basic healing procedure to heal our karma. Nothing can be simpler than this.

Heal the bond between your parents


I am 32 and still not married. Whatever may I do for my relationship with whom I love, is not much working.

I am scared about my life. Yes, my parents (mom is no more alive) were not happy with each other. Their parents fixed their marriage whereas both wanted someone else. I have not seen any harmony till my childhood.

Now a day I am worried about issues like, “If I can’t marry whom I love or if I have to marry whom I can’t love or if my marital life becomes the same like my parents or even if I remain unmarried” and so on.

I am practicing the harmony exercise every day, but how can I heal my parents? And please tell me, shall I ever be happy?


Use Relationship-Bond symbol to heal your parents.

Take a printout of the symbol. Write in the second circle your parents’ names. Keep this for 42 days.

Daily chant TOGETHER DIVINE keeping your right hand on the symbol for 10 minutes.

To know more about that symbol, checkout the link:

“50 Relationship-Bond”:

Marriage Affairs

You are not married

If you are not married means, find out at that age, what was the marriage status of your mother heal that.

A person is unmarried until the age of thirty, but her mother had married at the age of twenty.

Still, you need to do the healing for your mother the time before her marriage. Likewise, do for your grandmother, or father’s mother.

One of your ancestors would have been in similar situation.

Or your mother would have felt after marriage, ‘I wish I am not married. I have to go through hell. At least my daughter shouldn’t go through this’. She would have been thinking so and thus influencing your marriage status.

We don’t know what happened. So we need to go deeper into the relationship aspect and find out.

Initially, you will find it difficult to find out. Eventually, you will be able to find the link.

Living together, but mentally separated

If mentally a couple is separated, then the following things will happen in the body:

  • In the lower back herniated disk will come
  • Disk prolapse
  • Utter prolapse
  • Some organ will deviate and get down from the position like Hernia

Even if they don’t say, you will find out.

Ok I will accept whatever you say.

Outwardly they might say many positive things. But, internally they might be feeling different. That’s why we are healing the parents.

My relation with my spouse is not alright means then my parent’s relationship with each other is not good. So heal their relationship and make it whole and complete.

Then when your children get married, they will marry to a nice spouse.

Therefore, heal the relationship between your parents.

One way you do service them.

Same place, Same type of death


There was an item in the Hindu today about an 18-year-old lad.

He stood at the door of his train with his luggage, so that he could get off the train quickly at Perungalathur. He slipped, fell and died.

In 2001, in the same section, between Tambaram and Perungalathur, his father fell off a train and died.

I thought you might have like to discuss this as you have done so many discussions about repeated patterns in the lives of parents and children.

The difference is in their respective ages at the time of the accident.

Love, thanks, Divine!


Yes. Thank you.

It shows that the same good as well as same bad incidents can get repeated, if not healed. In this context, Reiki past life healing is a boon to all of us. It can transform such mishappenings (darkness) into light and love.

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