Because of my karma, I am single


Switch words to reduce your karma

You think because of your karma you are not able to attract a good life partner. How can you handle it?

To get a good Life partner, chant the switch words, “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE life partner HOLE

This way, by finding and applying the solution for every problem that we think is happening due of your karma, we can reduce the same.

However, the solution might be in the form of Switch words, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies etc.


I surrender: CONCEDE

Let there be a light: CLEAR

To go to the beginning of the problem – whether it is due to karma or not: CENTRE. Light travels to the beginning of the problem, to resolve it.

FIND the winner. Win the hands of life partner miraculously by divine.

HOLE is to attract. Wherever there is a hole, we have inquisitiveness. Hole will attract. It will increase your attractive properties.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. NaranJi, how to make a daughter to be more patience and understanding with a mom? there is always quarrel and misunderstanding between them.. can a third person chant for peace and joy between them?

  2. Vazhga Vazhamudan

    Dear Naran Sir,
    Can u please tell me, how many times do I need to chant this switch words.

  3. Vazhga Vazhamudan

    Thank you so much…I’ll start doing it from today onwards

    Vazhga Vazhamudan!!!

    • Just to tell you the effect of the words that you have used to identify yourself – Vazhga Valamudan (meaning do well in Tamil)..

      When I mentioned about the power of switch words to a student of Naran, she remarked that the followers of Vethathiri Maharishi say the greeting Vazhga Valamudan..

      That time she was upset about her friend. I said why not she visualize the face of her friend and say the greeting few times mentally. She did. Next day they made up with each other very easily.

      Just to say we have switch words in Tamil and other languages too. One day I am sure Naran will come up with such words.

      Until then Vazhga Valamudan!!!

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