Turn Your Curses into Blessings


My mother is admitted in a hospital. She will be under-going a by-pass surgery. I am concerned, worried about her and want to take care of care.

However, she rejects my offer to help her and says she doesn’t want anything from me as she has enough support for her in the form of her husband and her son (my elder brother).

She also curses me that I am nothing but ill-luck and whatever I have touched has gone wrong.


Put the memories of her cursing words…your feelings of fear, insecurity…into the silver triangle and ask Reiki to transform everything – the whole event in to light and love.

In the past, you would have faced similar such incidents in the past.


My parents always ignored me – not in terms of money, clothes and education, whenever it comes to my feelings and opinions. Even the marriage was fixed without consulting me. I didn’t want to marry my husband as he looked little bit older. Of course, I like him a lot now.


Heal the relationship between your mother and yourself from the past and turn every event in into light and love. You may include your memories about your father and brother too.

In addition, find out whether this cursing – Anger – Fear cycle is repeatedly happening in your life currently.


Yes, it has happened in other places too.

Before marriage, I was never wanted in my friend’s circle whenever they participate in sports, though they may allow me to be a mute spectator.

Even though my husband likes me a lot, he will never listens to my suggestions. Neither does he respect my opinions. He will take his own decisions without even consulting me. In fact, he thinks he is doing a favor to me by doing so.


Put everything into the triangle and transform every event in into light and love

Finally, heal your mother’s relationship with her mother — based on whatever you have seen, heard and know.


About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran, My apologies if you have answered this before. But how an you put in the silver triangle if you do not know how. Can I just imagine it? Thank you!

  2. GRACE,

  3. Dear Naran,
    My 2 daughters (18/20)hate me and backanswer and do what they like.Dont study or listen to me or my husband.They threaten to die or commit suicide.As a Mother I am dying from within.I have lost interest in anything in life.
    they always feeding negative comments in everything I do.Plz eat,sleep on time,study,be cool in attitude.
    Iam backfired and they even threaten to call police.
    How can I make them love us back and have them listen to me and make them study well and do their needful day to day chores?
    I will be so grateful to you forever Naran.Please help me bring change in my life positively

  4. Hello SIr,
    I like to your blog. it has been very helpful to me for my depression and disappointment .
    I chant “FIND DIVINE HARMONY COUNT NOW”, for peace in my life and mind.

    Sir in this blog you said curses can be transfer but if curse is from grand grandfather’s brotherhood family then. I came to know about this from my mother that such curses is given to each other family by them . And may be it affecting to mother’s family. Can you suggest me any mantra or switch word to solve this.


  5. Should I Chant “SRINIVASA ARAVINDALOCHANA” for ancestor curse

  6. Dear Naranji,

    I would like to help my brother who is good at heart but due to the only son he became very irresponsible and miser and recently I have noticed that he has become insecured too. Due to his strange habits his first wife left him. With his second wife he had a son but due to his low income earning and irresponsible behaviour his second wife has left him too and took his son with her. We sisters lives very far and unable to take care of him as our parents are not longer alive. I don’t know how I should help him as due to loneliness he has started drinking too. Please advise.


  7. Dear Naran Sir,

            My husband has tortured  me very much and my family has made me lodge a harassment case on my husband. So my husband has filed a petition seeking for a divorce from me. As familiar to all, these Court cases gets dragged for years. My family is not willing to go for an out of Court settlement, so I want my husband to contact us for an out of Court settlement by himself. Please suggest suitable switch words. Also I want every thing to end up in harmony on both sides. Waiting for your reply at the earliest.

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