Inviting Angel of Death

An exercise for those who are above 50

What we have to do this exercise daily

We need to heal the death as there is a need to heal the birth.

Daily in the morning, whoever has crossed the age of 50, needs to do this exercise.

If you are not 50, until then enjoy your life and needn’t do it.

We need to do this exercise daily to have a longer life followed by a peaceful death.

The Power of Kalan – Time

It is the time that decides every event in our life. It is called as Kalan.

He will not wait for anybody. That’s why he is called as Dharmaraja (King of Truth).

Every day pray to Kalan, “I am ready to die even now. Please call me”.

Don’t worry you won’t die faster because you do this prayer.

Purpose of this exercise

You are preparing your mind so that you are detaching yourself from the body.

One part of the mind is always associated with the body thinking that the body is the person.

Therefore, at the time of death what happens is that we don’t want to leave the body, as the mind will be clinging to the body.

Even in death also we have conflict of interests.

One part wants to die and another part wants to cling to the body.

That’s why we have to invite the Kalan (voluntarily) and say “Even now I am ready to die and shed my life. If you want to take it, please do so”.

This way you are giving a command to the mind, to detach itself from the body at the right time.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. In many articles like here you give age limit, age is only a number. Is it not Ok for anyone should be able to do at any age as long as they are adult and independent to take the decision. For eg. one is advised to do a will by 30 or we see that even 30+ people nowadays are falling dead due to heart attack/bomb blasts/tsunamis etc. Is this only for natural and timely death or what. Kindly clarify this query. All the heal articles in your blog are very useful.

  2. Dear Sir, I have a doubt: When praying to Kalan, will the force of attraction to death get activated more than living? I mean, will a message go out that ” Hey come and take me” get activated more? Kindly explain this concept. I think making a will at 30 would be a better thing as we cannot be sure when the Divine throws us down.


    • aasish,
      i did not say dont make a will. Make if you want.
      All of us pray to god. But we are unaware whether he listens to us.We are always driven by ignorance since life is hidden from us.
      Fearing Kalan is better or inviting kalan is better? In the above exercise, the mind is kept ready. Our readiness in the mind is acceptance which may help us physically and mentally at the time of death. Don’t we resist god throughout our living ? We feel sad when failure comes and starts brooding over the failure. We get angry also sometimes when we get what we don’t desire. Throughout our life, we try to escape what is offered instead of accepting. Our conscience does not prick at these sad state of resisting mind.
      If kalan can come at the mere wish of anybody, most of the people wish for it.
      Inviting kalan makes us mentally conditioned to face death,when it comes. For everything our mind is to be conditioned.

  3. Dear Sir,
    We know that death will come to everyone…can we chant something so that…it should be peaceful not traumatic and painful one

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