If you do this you won’t lose money to in-laws


Surprise Shock

My husband wakes me up at 4 AM in the morning.

He says, “Don’t get irritated. I just want to give you something”. It wasn’t my birthday, what he wants to give? Anyway, he doesn’t buy me anything for my birthday anyway, I wondered.

He pushed a cheque for 1 Lakh rupees into my hand. I was shocked for he doesn’t even bother to give his salary cheque to take care of our family expenses. In fact, he will give the cheque to his brother-in-law, who will decide what to do and what not do for our family. Invariably, the money goes to my extended family expenses.

I asked my husband, “What is the reason for giving this money?” He replied honestly, “I don’t why. Somebody came in my dream and said I need to give money to you Shyla”.

There is no word to explain my feelings here.

Right from my marriage, he never used to mind the expenses of our family. We have a daughter studying in college. We need to pay our house rent. For everything, I need to spend from my salary cheque, which is reasonable, but not good enough.

In another way, I am not surprised, after my experiences, due to Reiki Past-Life Healing.

Fifteen days back…

I informed Naran about my plight. He asked me whether my father had this habit of not considering his immediate family. If so, I need to heal my father’s habits by putting the memories of those behaviors inside the silver triangle.

One week after doing the healing, my brother-in-law approached and told me that he is not comfortable taking my husband’s salary, which should be given to me instead.

I took it. But Naran told me that this is not enough, as the idea is my husband should change and not just my brother-in-law.

So, I continued the healing. And the result is the one Lakh rupees cheque from my husband.

However, Naran warned me not to use this technique to exploit my husband and stop him helping his extended family, as I would incur bad karma. The idea is to make my husband committed to his immediate family. I am confident now, it is going to happen.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir,
    Wanted to know about silver triangle method in reiki for long standing problems. I don’t live in India. Do you have a manual to do the same online and also I while surfing the Internet about reiki it said that “attunement ” is required by Reiki Master to start reiki healing. So does that mean, reading a book on reiki and follow the prescribed method for healing , healing would not take place as I am not “attuned” ?

  2. Thank you for the reminder not to exploit others. It’s a very important thing to rem and a little to easy to slip into. I am wondering how you readers might be able to make use of the silver triangle without a Reiki master on hand. Is it possible? I am creating my lists of the immovable problems in my life and parents life in advance! 🙂

  3. Well! My intention is not to exploit others but to just to take care of my issues. Hope I was able to clarify myself here. Since, Reiki is new to me, therefore think of this question more from an ignorant person.

  4. I also need to know this silver triangle method.i always cheated in love life even where m honestly in love them.i need to heal my past life.please show us the process.

  5. Grace, oli, thoughtspectra,
    Wait. time will come. till such time understand that we always repeat our behaviour from the past- not only from the past life but also from the present life that is past

    • Yes sir.my past repeats though persons r different.and its difficult to trust one even if he is saying true.hw would we know what to heal

    • Thank you. I know this is true. It occurred to me that I can actively clear it as well as surrender. In a strange sequence of events I was guided to a reiki circle where I recieved reiki from several seasoned practitioners. So yes, you have to be patient and ask for what you want. God will help you if it’s to be.

  6. Sir,

    Lately, I have realised a freind of mine keeps criticizing her husband, when he dominates on her, or illtreats her, tortures her by expecting lot from her. She has no freedom for a change to move out of the kitchen once in a week, when she is tired/during her periods. Husband expects the responsibilities from her to be completed irrespective of her health issues, mood issues as she is reaching her menopause time.

    For such an issue, what kind of triangle healing can be done. who shud be healed on what behavior.

  7. Roopa,
    give her blue sapphire and Holly vine Rocwater pills.

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